Why You need to clean your teeth

Why You need to clean your teeth

Mar 04, 2021

The mouth is one of the most personal areas of the body; when you smile, people observe your teeth, when you speak to people at close range, they can smell your breath, and for this reason and more, you have to take your mouth health serious.

The main threat to oral health is harmful bacteria that remain after eating because the harmful bacteria and the saliva interact with each other to form plaques. This can lead to unpleasant consequences such as tartar, caries, inflammation of the gums, and subsequent adentia.

The regular brushing of teeth will not help you completely get rid of plaque. Because of this, the posterior teeth, as well as the interdental spaces, are more affected. Of course, dental floss or irrigators will help clean them by 60-70%, but not everyone uses these devices. Long-term exposure to plaque leads to the development of dental calculus, causing periodontitis and caries.

Who needs the Dental cleaning?

Everyone needs Dental Cleaning regularly; the brushing of your teeth won’t do them justice; that’s why you have to visit our dental clinic.

Why Dental Cleaning?

A professional dental procedure differs significantly from a home one. It uses
specialized equipment and professional cleaning compositions that remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas that no toothbrush can reach. Unique formulations allow for the most effective cleaning, even the most expensive toothpaste will not give such a result.

How is dental cleaning done?

The dentist does dental cleaning. The procedure is carried out in several stages:
The preparatory stage- the dentist consults the patient, determines the presence of caries or tartar, specific pathologies. If necessary, analyzes are carried out; then, with the help of an ultrasonic apparatus, dental calculus is removed.

This is a minimally traumatic procedure in which dental tissue is not affected, and then dental plaque is removed. These are hard deposits removed by the air-abrasive method, then polishing is performed using a special abrasive paste.

This allows you to give your teeth smoothness, as well as protect the fillings from premature destruction. At the last stage, the dental surfaces are coated with a fluoride composition. This makes the enamel more durable.

At the current level of development of dental services, each of these stages is entirely painless. The procedure will take only about an hour. Our highly qualified dentist in Tacoma will work with you using advanced equipment, safe and high-quality cleaning compounds. By using the services of the Tacoma dentist, you will be delighted with the result!.

Benefits of professional cleaning

  • It prevents the inflammation of the gums.
  • It prevents the development of caries.
  • It prevents the appearance of bad breath.
  • It prevents the loosening and loss of teeth.

When at intervals should you go for Dental Cleaning?

A dental cleaning procedure should take place at least twice a year. The best option would be to combine the process with regularly scheduled visits to the dental clinic.
Oral hygiene should be regularly performed at home. Although it is impossible to clean the dentition from deposits thoroughly, it is possible to reduce pathological processes significantly. To do this, you need to brush your teeth twice a day properly and use dental floss after each meal.

You can find out more about the procedure of cleaning teeth in our clinic, as well as about related services, during an in-person visit to our dentist in Tacoma. We will be happy to help!

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