Why Should You get a Tooth Extraction?

Why Should You get a Tooth Extraction?

Jun 17, 2019

Whether you are dealing with wisdom tooth, a chipped tooth you did not plan for a painful infection. The words tooth extraction, can cause concern. A tooth extraction isn’t always a big problem. We understand the procedure, the next steps and the options involved.

What a tooth removal brings.

Tooth extractions could be considered an oral surgery, and you’d never walk in surgery unprepared! While most patients do not want a tooth removed, feeling confident and knowledgeable will enhance your experience. There are types of extractions based on your situation.

Be informed rather than being overwhelmed. Saying farewell to your tooth will be easier.

What’s a tooth extraction?

Let us boil down this cryptic procedure. In a teeth extraction, a tooth is pulled from the socket of the bone in which it rests. There are two types of tooth extraction: a simple tooth extraction along with a surgical tooth extraction. One or both may also factor in your wisdom tooth removal. The two extractions remove a tooth from the mouth area, but there are a few key differences to note.

In several cases, if you are able to see the tooth in your mouth, you might need only a simple extraction. In case the tooth is not observable, the extraction will be surgical. Besides, hidden root arrangement could make a visible tooth eligible for surgical extraction.

In case you’ve damaged a wisdom tooth, then those are at varying degrees of impaction. The reason wisdom tooth surgery may involve a combination of simple and surgical extractions. A simple extraction will weaken the tooth with an elevator, then yank it out once it is emptied from the surrounding bone.

This operation is, as its name suggests a more routine procedure and only needs a local anesthetic. Wes offer easy tooth extractions. The healing time, pain control, and swelling will be mild with an easy extraction. If this is you, you can relax.

A surgical extraction deals with tooth which hasn’t faded yet or one which could have broken off near the gum line. In this instance, the tooth cannot be grasped and loosened the same manner. A little cut will be made in your gum line in order we can access, loosen, and remove a tooth. Due to the complex nature of this procedure, the downtime, swelling, and recovery might be a little more extensive. Not to worry, though, excellent aftercare and suitable rest help take the bite from surgical extractions.

If you need help with a tooth extraction just give us a call to schedule a time.

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