What You Need to Know about Braces

What You Need to Know about Braces

Apr 21, 2019

Since not everybody is gifted by nature with a perfect set of teeth, we rely on technological advances to give us a perfect smile. But apart from the fact that getting braces costs a lot, it also entails a lot of sacrifices on the wearer’s part. There’s a certain amount of pain involved when getting braces. We have to fit you with an appliance that will be applying continuous pressure on your teeth to make them move to desired positions. The initial fitting can be quite painful, but you will soon get used to it following some weeks.

Second of all, you may also get to experience soreness in the mouth as the metal hits the inner cheek or rubs against your lips, and that is again something you should get used to when you’re getting braces. If you are fortunate enough, or if the repair needed is minimal, then it is enough to wear braces for a few months. Still, majority of brace wearers who wear them for years get desired results. Additionally you get to choose whether you would like to use metal, ceramic, or clear plastic braces, but not all orthodontic problems can be solved by, say, clear braces.

The latter two types are used for many reasons, so the metal braces are still the braces of choice of the majority. After getting braces, you’d have to prepare a braces kit to stuff all the items you’d need to give your teeth a thorough cleaning. This is essential because you cannot perform your usual toothbrushing techniques once you begin wearing your dental appliance. If you have to brush only two times a day before getting braces, you now have to get used to brushing after every time you eat, even when it is only snacks.

Apart from the angled toothbrush or electric toothbrush, you’d also need a dental pick to reach into the small spaces between your tooth and the braces, as toothbrushing alone can’t dislodge all the food particles which get stuck in the apparatus. The kit should also come with a small mirror to help you to check hard-to reach parts, and sometimes a waterpik becomes necessary to free food particles which get stuck in the braces. Remember to rinse your mouth several times after brushing. Avoid hard nuts, popcorn, dried fruits, raisins, and cookies. Stay away to from hard gum, taffy, or gummy bears. When remnants of those foodstuff get stuck in the braces, the prolonged acid exposure will do a lot of harm to both the tooth and your gums.

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