The Bleaching Teeth Problem

The Bleaching Teeth Problem

Feb 02, 2019

The growing trend of white smiles has created a brand new kind of problem that’s sweeping the country. The condition known as bleachorexia, by bleaching teeth in hopes of the perfect white smile. Patients that getting their pearly whites by whitening their teeth more than the recommended quantity. This phenomenon is dangerous as the whitening methods used by over the counter products use peroxide as the main ingredient.

This chemical stripping tooth of their natural enamel leading to some side effects. Most will be the tooth will become brittle and lead to breaking. Also, teeth may develop an exterior and will become the removal of the enamel on the teeth.

One issue from excess whitening is that once the enamel is stripped from the tooth, it’s gone forever. The annoying part of bleachorexia is they’ll never be capable to achieve a bright white smile like their idol

What happens behind this is as teeth become whitened, they become thinner. Translucent blotches will start to appear on them instead of showing a bright white smile. The safest way to get a dazzling white smile you have always dreamed of would be to schedule a meeting with a certified dentist. From there, the dentist can check the amount of whiteness your tooth will be capable to get without risking further issue.

If you’re unhappy with that, then the dentist may offer cosmetic procedures, like veneers or bonding to get the perfect look. To learn more on teeth whitening or cosmetic procedures, contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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