Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

May 16, 2019

According to Redondo Beach dentist Michael Fulbright, DDS, anti snoring in kids is a big problem, especially when it goes undiscovered or is misdiagnosed.

Nowadays, many kids are being diagnosed with ADHD. A few of them are acting out in school and getting in trouble. Physicians might misdiagnose many of those kids and prescribe Ritalin for ADHD, when the main cause of their behavioral problems can be anti snoring, he says in a release.

Anti snoring is characterized by obstruction of oral and nasal passages while an individual sleeps. The condition may cause loud snoring, dangerous breathing pauses of 10 to 20 seconds or more, choking or gasping during sleep, along with other effects.

And that, Fulbright says, can have lead to a diagnosis of ADHD. A large proportion of those children have been found to have underdeveloped mandibles or underdeveloped maxillae. These conditions can result in oral structures like the jaws pushing back and close the airway.

When the airway is closed, they aren’t breathing enough they aren’t getting enough oxygen like a regular adult anti snoring patient. He notes that the condition might be the main cause of severe mental and physical health threats.

Still, Fulbright adds there are several advanced treatment options that may reduce the signs of anti snoring. Among the more common for kids is what’s known as a palate expander. A removable orthodontic appliance a quite simple procedure. Once the palate is expanded, it opens the airway, Fulbright says, noting that in several cases removal of the adenoids and the tonsils can also be indicated to reduce airway obstructions while a young kid sleeps.

Fulbright says, a complete oral examination and diagnostic tools like a polysomnogram might help determine if a young kid can be suffering from anti snoring. He notes that kids with anti snoring, like adults, aren’t only at risk for emotional and behavioral shifts from this condition. They’re also at an increased risk for serious, life threatening health problems including sudden cardiac death due to lack of oxygen during sleep.

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