Dentures, which can be taken out and put back in, are one solution for missing teeth. They can be complete or partial. Complete dentures are for people who have lost all their teeth. Partial dentures are used for the loss of a few teeth.

Dr. Macks can fashion your dentures to fit comfortably, appear natural and help you stay healthier. Today’s Dentures look very natural and feel comfortable.

Cosmetic Dentures won’t slip or shift in your mouth, which was a thing of the past. If you have sore spots, poor ridges or gag reflexes, Dentures may not work for you.

Dr. Macks will give you all your options prior to making any decisions, and the friendly office staff will walk you through the necessary steps before any work begins.


Four Things You Should Know About Dentures

Dentures are artificial, false teeth. They can be partial or complete. However, temporary dentures need to be taken out each night before sleeping. These are placed in a container full of cleansing liquid into which a cleansing tablet is added. The dentures are brushed with this cleansing liquid as well. They can also be brushed with a toothpaste meant for this purpose. A bit of care, nonetheless, has to be exercised while using dentures. A person should not laugh too loudly or else they may slip out of the mouth. Also, a person using dentures should not bite into a food item which is too hard or sticky or else they may crack.

As compared to dental implants, dentures need to be changed after every five to seven years. Dental implants, on the other hand, can go on for the entire lifetime of the person if they are cared for properly. Also, a person’s facial structure and features look a bit altered with dentures. They do not alter much with dental implants which bring back the original smile and manner of eating and talking to a person back.

For making dentures, the impressions of a person’s gums and teeth need to be taken and sent to the dental laboratory. These are manufactured there. The dentures are dental aids which help a person with teeth-related issues to lead a normal life regarding being able to eat food properly. A dental implant constitutes a titanium screw which is drilled into the jaw bone of a person. The jaw bone grows around the titanium screw naturally, and it becomes firm inside it within a matter of three to four months. A dental cap or crown is placed atop the titanium screw to function as the tooth which the world sees. Dentures need to be shown to the dentist for professional cleaning and other work after every few months. Even dental implants need periodic adjustments every once in a while by the dentist.

It is important to note that teeth should be restored and not extracted out if they can be restored. They can be restored using root canal therapy which is also referred to as the endodontic treatment. The outermost layer of the tooth is the enamel. The one inner to this is the dentine. Inner to this as well is the pulp cavity which is made up of cellular matter, nerves and blood vessels. During endodontic treatment, this matter is cleared up, and the pulp cavity is disinfected thoroughly well. It is then refilled with a substance like a gutta percha. The cavity is then sealed off from the outside environs and a dental cap or crown placed on top to function as the tooth which the world sees. Thus dentures are advised only if endodontic treatment cannot be done. However, as mentioned above, dentures become loose and ill-fitting with time.


What Are Health Benefits of Dentures?

Dentures are artificially created tooth replacements which are used for people who have lost their natural teeth, no matter the number- one or multiple. The dentures tend to look, and function in the same way as your natural teeth and are therefore a top-rated solution to tooth loss in various cases.

Dentures can be attached to plastic or metallic material to make them fix to one’s mouth. Technically they are also known as edentulism. Majorly, they come to help when a person tends to lose all of their teeth. This can lead to the sagging of their facial muscles, which would make them look older than what a person usually is. A well fit set of dentures can have multiple health benefits for a person. Therefore, in general terms, a set of dentures can solve various problems for a person- regarding speaking, eating, as well as their facial appearance.

The real health benefits the dentures can provide are as follows:

  1. A person can chew their food properly and can eat almost everything they want, and they desire. A great variety of food intake can help people with their nutrition requirements and can help them improve their digestion as well. This way, a person can reliably enhance their health.
  2. Dentures can help a person to maintain their jaw alignment and better their biting issues as well. This will assist them to keep their mouth closed and also assist them to chew their food better.
  3. The partial dentures can help a person to preserve their dental health by maintaining their natural dental structures. The dentures can contribute to filling the spaces between their teeth, which will prevent the natural teeth to be just perfect and not grow further or move in an incorrect position.

These are some of the main health benefits dentures have to provide to you, and therefore, contrary to the popular opinion of the people, dentures are not merely used for cosmetics and vanity purposes.

It might take a very long time for a person to adjust to dentures. At first, a person could encounter problems while they eat and they speak. However, sooner rather than later, people can get easily used to dentures fixed in their mouth. Soon it would be a scenario of not even noticing, that they have dentures in their mouth. This will also give a person various psychological benefits, wherein, self-esteem and confidence are the priorities. A person would soon feel better about their teeth and their smile and would participate more and more in the society, freely.

No matter how you like it, but maintaining your dental health even after wearing dentures is important because it is your mouth, and your aesthetics we are talking about. If you want your dental aesthetics to function properly for longer, you would want to make sure that you strive for a good dental health, to obtain maximum benefit out of your dentures. Dentures need to be brushed daily and rinsed off properly. They should be kept in a safe place, dipped in water, to make sure they give you permanent results.


How Much Are Flexible Dentures?

Dentures are customized prosthetic restorations that work as replacement teeth for the original teeth you have been missing. Dentures are an opted treatment option for people who have lost their teeth because they have suffered from some disease or any injury/accident. No matter what, disease, injury or accidents, you do not have to necessarily say goodbye to your beautiful smile. The flexible dentures are thus, great replacements for your teeth as they are soft on your teeth and your gums and can adjust to your dental aesthetics in the best possible way.

No matter how easy it sounds, it is somewhat tricky to get used to having dentures inside your mouth. You would not feel the same, even if they look the same. You would always know the difference, but all this is only limited for a certain time. Once you get used to them, you are going stay calm and would comfortably go around with dentures in your mouth. Flexible dentures will surely make your lifestyle flexible, sooner or later. You would not have to worry about the same.

Replacing your teeth with the help of flexible dentures is not only going to help you maintain your dental aesthetics, but is going to help you smile in the same way, eat in the same way, drink in the same way, talk in the same way, and even help your facial aesthetics stay the same way. They would help you look like the same younger version of yourself because they are going to provide your face some structure and would not allow your muscles to either sink inside or sag.

Dentures are made out of a mixture of various material. Porcelain, resin, nylon, and cobalt are some of the most common ones. While the actual tooth part is made out of either porcelain or resin, wherein a resin is a cheaper option regarding price, the denture base is going to be carved out of either acrylic resin or cobalt. But when it comes to flexible dentures, those are made out of nylon as a base.

What about their cost? How much are they for?

The average cost of dentures, a whole set of flexible dentures is going to cost you approximately $1300. If you want them on an immediate basis, they would cost you around $1500. These costs could go further low if you have a functional dental insurance facility.

Our Happy Patients Say:

Cindy McKitrick
Cindy McKitrick

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Absolutely the best team of dental experts around. I have been a patient of Dr. Macks since the late 1980s. I grind my teeth and have broken several, necessitating four implants. There can be a lot stress involved in such a dental history, but these folks make me feel right at home and well cared for no matter what issue I present. I'll never go anywhere else. I'm a life timer.

David Prychodzko
David Prychodzko

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

The best experience I’ve ever had. I have been to plenty of places for my Botox none of them compare to the experience I had. They were clean professional friendly 100% amazing

Karen DeWitt
Karen DeWitt

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Wow! I had 10 root canals & lots of dental trauma before I gave up & got dentures... I only wore them when I had to, as despite many adjustments, they never fit, and made my mouth's roof & gums terribly sore, for years... Then a friend told me to see Dr.Machs. His education, background, & range of experience are stunning (I don't stun, as a rule...). As an RN, I didn't believe this Ievel of thorough evaluation, information, & genuine care was possible in this life. I can't recommend him and the staff highly enough.

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