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Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance in Tacoma, WA

Sleep apnea isn’t to be underestimated. While you might not notice it, if someone who sleeps near you tells you that you snore or have trouble breathing in your sleep, you need to get it checked out. Apart from daytime fatigue, sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems.

If you’ve already been diagnosed and need help with a sleep apnea dental appliance in Tacoma, WA, we can help out here at Tacoma Family Dentistry & TMJ/Sleep Apnea Centre. We receive many referrals to fit patients with sleep apnea dental appliances.

Benefits of Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances

At Tacoma Family Dentistry & TMJ/Sleep Apnea Centre in Tacoma, WA, we hear great things from patients who tried our sleep apnea dental appliances. They’re easy to sleep with and don’t lead to any side effects. How do they work? The problem with sleep apnea is that the soft tissue of the mouth and neck can obstruct the airway during sleep.

Sleep apnea dental appliances stop that from happening. Tongue retainers and similar devices hold the soft tissue of the mouth and neck in place. This helps keep the airway clear and unobstructed. Those with mild to moderate sleep apnea can use dental appliances alone or in combination with CPAP.

What’s CPAP?

CPAP stands for continuous positive air pressure. It’s a machine with a mask at the end of it that patients wear in their sleep. This machine blows air into the airway to keep it open. It’s the most effective treatment for sleep apnea and usually used for severe cases.

Unfortunately, CPAP has many side effects. First, it’s very hard to sleep with the mask on. The constant air pressure also leads to a dry mouth, dry nose, and nosebleeds. That’s why, if a patient can benefit from a dental appliance without CPAP, they experience great relief.

Patients are more likely to comply with their sleep apnea dental appliances because they’re easier to sleep with. At Tacoma Family Dentistry & TMJ/Sleep Apnea Centre, we make them, so they’re as comfortable as possible. We want them to keep your airway clear at night without them being too irritating.

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