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Exam and Cleanings in Tacoma, WA

Practicing good dental hygiene includes visiting one of our dentists at Tacoma Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Centre every six months. These visits allow our dentists to examine your teeth to find out if they are okay and to clean them. During the exams and cleanings, our dentist in Tacoma, WA sometimes find dental and other oral issues that you may not know about.

Tartar Build-up

Probably the most common issue that our dentists find while doing routine examinations is tartar build-up. The build-up shows that you’re not doing the best job possible of brushing your teeth.

Tartar is a result of plaque drying on your teeth. While plaque, which is a yellowish liquid substance, is easy to brush away, tartar is impossible to get rid of by brushing. It requires a dental visit.


When our dentist at Tacoma Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Centre examines your teeth, he or she can find small cavities of which you are unaware. They will discuss it or them with you, then start on their repair while you’re in the dentist’s chair, unless you wish to come back to fill it. However, it’s important to get it filled as soon as possible to prevent more damage to the tooth.

Gum Disease

Another issue that is frequently found is gingivitis, which can lead to periodontal disease. If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, that is one sign of gingivitis. Other signs are bright red, receding, puffy gums, and bad breath.

Our dentist near you in Tacoma, WA may recommend a deep cleaning if they diagnose gingivitis to clean plaque and tartar from your teeth at the gum line.

Suspicious Lumps or Hard Areas

Our dentists also check along the tongue, cheeks, and neck looking for suspicious lumps or hard areas. This activity is part of an oral cancer screening. He or she may also look on the back of your tongue and down your throat for lesions. If they find something suspicious, they may refer you to your primary doctor, an oncologist, or do a biopsy in their office.

Diagnosing dental issues early is important for stopping the progress of dental decay, gum disease, and catching oral or throat cancer early so that it is curable. Our dentists at Tacoma Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Centre in Tacoma, WA want our patients to be healthy and happy.

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