Veneers in Tacoma, WA

Your smile is valuable to us here at Tacoma Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Centre in Tacoma, WA. We want you to face the world with confidence instead of worry about and hide your smile. How confident we are about our smiles has an impact on our outlook on life and how we go out every day.

Veneers are a great way to improve a person’s smile. At Tacoma Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Centre, we can fit you with veneers near Tacoma, WA. We’ll also make sure you’re as comfortable as possible and have all the facts beforehand.

Why People Get Veneers

Veneers are cosmetic and can be considered part of a smile makeover. It’s seldom essential for a person’s dental health that they get veneers. They’re still valuable though. Veneers are thin shells that are applied to the front surfaces of teeth.

We can use them to cover discolored teeth. While teeth whitening is effective for many people, it doesn’t yield great results for deeply stained teeth. Covering them up with veneers would be the best option. These thin coverings are also great at covering cracked and chipped teeth.

Don’t worry about them being brighter than the rest of your teeth. We’ll create them so they match your natural teeth.

Getting Veneers in Tacoma, WA

This is a simple procedure that isn’t associated with any discomfort. How many veneers a patient gets depends on their preference. Most people opt for veneers over their front teeth since that’s the most prominent part of their smile. There’s usually no contraindication to getting them on all of your teeth, though.

You’ll be able to drive yourself home the same day of the procedure. Our only recommendation is that you avoid biting or chewing on hard foods or items. These tooth coverings aren’t as durable as solid teeth and might crack if exposed to hard objects.

Brushing your teeth and avoiding caffeine and cigarettes will also be required. Veneers aren’t stain-resistant, but they’re resistant to teeth whitening products. If your veneers become stained or darkened, they’ll need to be replaced with new ones.

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