Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Tacoma, WA

Dental fillings can seal off cavities against further decay or infection. Fillings are one of the simplest treatments and are very effective in many cases.

Tacoma Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Centre offers a comprehensive range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care options. Contact a dentist near you for more information.

Cavities and Tooth Decay

Cavities are tiny openings or holes in your teeth and indicate permanent damage to tooth enamel. Cavities can be caused due to a number of reasons, including bacteria from leftover food particles, lack of proper oral hygiene, excessive consumption of sugary foods and drinks, and frequent snacking.

Anyone with teeth, including infants, children, teenagers, and adults, can get cavities. If left untreated, cavities can get bigger and spread under the gums, eventually causing gum disease. They can cause infection, severe toothache, and eventually loss of teeth.

Proper and regular brushing and flossing is the first line of defense against cavities. Ask for more information regarding dental fillings in Tacoma, WA.

Signs That May Suggest You Need Fillings

Are you wondering if you need a dental filling? The following signs may indicate that you do.


Whether you experience a sudden throbbing pain or heightened sensitivity to hot, cold, and sugary foods, you may need dental fillings. Sensitive teeth indicate exposed nerves and the presence of one or more cavities.

Other signs could include:

  • Getting food stuck between certain teeth
  • Being able to feel a gap or hole with your tongue
  • Cracked, chipped or broken tooth
  • Dark spots on your tooth

If you notice any of these signs, visit a dentist at Tacoma Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Centre for treatment.

Other Uses for Dental Fillings

Although cavities are the most common reason, fillings are also used to repair fractured teeth to slow down decay.

Dentists also use composite filling material to fill in craze lines that appear on tooth enamel. These are vertical lines that are actually grooves caused due to stress. Dental fillings are used to fill cavities and repair craze lines and fractured teeth.

As trusted dentists in Tacoma, WA, Tacoma Family Dentistry & Cosmetic Centre offers affordable and reliable dental fillings near you.

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