Overcoming the Fear of the Dentist

Overcoming the Fear of the Dentist

Jan 02, 2020

It’s estimated that almost seventy-five percent of adults in the US experience some quantity of fear of visiting a dentist. Of that percentage, approximately five to ten percent of these individuals have a strong enough fear to be considered sufferers of a phobia. These individuals experience fear so that they prevent visits, which might be detrimental to their health. It’s essential for sufferers to comprehend what dental phobia is and also to know that there are ways to overcome it.

Reasons For Dentophobia. There are various terms used to classify the idea of a phobia.

It may be known as dental fear, dental nervousness, dentist phobia, odontophobia, or dentophobia. They mean the exact same thing: an intense fear of visiting a dentist for dental care. In the majority of cases, those who experience dentophobia do this because of previous experiences at the dentist. Those experiences can contain complications in procedures. The fear may also arise in a bad interaction with a dental practitioner and the way wherein the dentist’s mindset was perceived. If an individual has received care from a dentist which was uncaring or cold the encounter could cause an increased fear. Negative personal experiences are not the only ways wherein a dentophobia could arise.

In several cases, the fear could be brought about by indirect experience. One way where someone could receive fear of the dentist is by way of hearing about another person’s bad traumatic encounter. Folks are also affected by what they see and hear from the mass media. Witnessing a portrayal of dentistry may also have a negative impact on dentophobia. Dentophobia may also happen if the individual has a traumatic experience with doctors generally. Some folks may have their fear triggered by seeing a physician of any sort, smelling scents associated with hospitals, or have a fear of individuals perceived to be in a position of power.

Treatment of Dentophobia. There are many ways to take care of dentophobia plus they can vary from behavioral techniques to medication. There are some dental fear clinics in which dentists and psychologists work together to offer sufferers with tools and skills to help them learn how to manage and fight dentophobia. In the absence of the clinic, some dentists try and assist patients to overcome the fear through gentle dentistry and describing procedures in a soothing manner to reduce the fear of the unknown. Positive reinforcement is another behavioral technique that can be utilized to overcome dentophobia. Praising the patient following a successful consultation might help to raise confidence and reduce fear.

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