Is Mercury in Fillings a Problem?

Is Mercury in Fillings a Problem?

Jul 12, 2019

The highest quantity exposure to mercury from silver fillings happens when they’re placed in our teeth and once they’re removed from our mouths.

Do not run to the dentist to get your dentures taken out. But don’t have your dental staff examine the fillings to determine if they’re intact, and have a conversation about the possible health threats of maintaining or removing amalgams.

When they’re 20 years and older, causing gum inflammation preventing you from flossing, or have rust beneath, replace them with a non amalgam restoration.

There are excellent restorative options we now have from the dental profession aside from silver fillings, such as guide composite fillings, a cost efficient option, or the less affordable laboratory fabricated porcelain and/or gold recovery that fortify the tooth without the possible long term health risks.

If you’re removing the silver filling removed, ensure that the dentist is currently utilizing a dental rubber dam which isolates the tooth and minimizes the quantity of mercury vapor released.

We have to be transparent in the USA about the possible health hazard from amalgam fillings. The vital action point will be for more research to be conducted. We want stronger clinical studies funded by our government agencies and research centers to clearly comprehend the impact of continual release of mercury by amalgam fillings and the cumulative impact on most of us adults, nursing mothers, newborn infants and kids.

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