Is CEREC Crowns Better Than Ones Grown in labs?

Is CEREC Crowns Better Than Ones Grown in labs?

Dec 02, 2019

Once you’ve been told you need a dental crown you may find yourself researching to understand all about them. Which suggests, it’s you’ll face the conundrum of CEREC crowns versus lab crowns.

It’s important to realize that crowns, both forms, are a kind of restorative dentistry and the best aim of restorative dentistry is to get your tooth back to their natural condition (free from injury and rust ).

If rust is caught early enough then you may only must a filling. But when the rust & resulting harm is more extensive a bigger restoration such as an inlay or a crown could be critical.

The main distinction between inlays and crowns is a crown fits over the entire tooth. They’re utilized to reinforce a tooth that’s been plagued with severe decay or injury and are usually the crowning glory (ha) following a root canal therapy or a dental implant.

Thus, when a crown is needed it’s logical that you would love to make certain you’re getting something that’s going to look good, feel good, and last.

When some patients have been tempted to buy into the myth that CEREC crowns are inferior to lab-made crowns, in reality, nothing might be further from the truth. And it’s time to debunk that misconception!

CEREC CROWNS VS. LAB CROWNS You may not realize it, but off-site labs and CEREC restorations have plenty of similarities.

The Same Materials are Used The two most common materials used for crowns are E-Max and zirconia. And both labs and CEREC offices use the same sorts of materials when crafting crowns.

Using CEREC’s state-of-the-art CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology, our dentist, Dr. James Powell may create your crown from E-Max porcelain.

And although the idea of porcelain on your mouth might conjure images of a fragile figurine lying shattered in bits on the floor, an E-Max restoration is in fact made from a more strong, long-lasting material and is considered a breakthrough on dental crown technology.

E-Max is made from a durable, aesthetically-pleasing top-grade material and is made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic. It’s known for its strength and aesthetic attributes.

It blends with your natural tooth and is far not as likely to chip when compared to zirconia. With good home-care and routine preventative visits to our office, you may expect your E-Max restorations to last fifteen years and beyond.

Check out these case studies showing how long-lasting E-Max ceramic restorations are:

CEREC case study at Global Dental Solutions E-Max case studies examined at Glidewell Laboratories E-Max case study examined Dental Compare The two Offsite Labs & CEREC Offices Use Digital Scans, But Only CEREC Employs a Direct Scan About making dental impressions for a restoration, all labs have scanners that convert the impression models into a digital form to design and mill the last restoration.

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