Foods to Avoid After Tooth Extractions

Foods to Avoid After Tooth Extractions

Jun 01, 2021

There are various reasons you might need to extract a tooth. Maybe it is severely decayed that it can’t be saved. Maybe it falls off on its own due to a tooth infection. Whatever the reason is, it will take some time before you are all healed up.

During this time, you need to eat the right foods and avoid some to accelerate your recovery speed. In this blog, we will discuss the foods you should avoid after extraction. By avoiding these foods, you reduce the risk of complications and increase the chances of faster recovery. We are here for you if you are looking for a Tacoma dentist to help you with extraction.

Small and Crunchy Foods

Small particle foods such as grains, nuts, and crackers may not be the best foods to take after tooth extraction. Typically, these particles wind up into the extraction site. Unfortunately, the particles can interfere with the blood clot that forms during the recovery period. When the blood clot is interfered with, the risk of developing dry socket increases.

A dry socket is a super painful condition that happens when the blood clot is dislodged. The condition is usually very painful. Even the strongest painkillers will not be enough to alleviate the pain caused by a dry socket. You will need to go back to the dentist so he can recommend the right antiseptic solutions, medicated dressings, antibiotics, and painkillers.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods will not cause a dry socket, but they are likely going to irritate your gums, which can cause discomfort. Just wait until you are all healed up before you can get back to your hot sauce.

Hot Foods

Piping hot foods will not do your healing process any favors. They will be hard on the extraction site, and you will experience discomfort, including pain and swelling. Furthermore, hot foods and drinks can interfere with the blood clot, increasing the risk of dry sockets.


Mixing your antibiotics and pain medications with alcohol and spirit is never a good idea. Not only does the alcohol delay the recovery period, but it is also not good for the body if you take it in excess. Therefore, it is a good idea to limit your alcohol intake even if you are not taking any medications.

Using Straws

We highly recommend taking smoothies and milkshakes since they are healthy and smooth. However, under no circumstances should you take them using a straw. The use of straws increases the risk of dislodging the blood clot, increasing the risk of a dry socket. At least wait three days before you can use straws.

Tips for Accelerating Recovery Speed after Tooth Extraction

Now that you know the foods you should avoid for faster recovery, here are few things you should do to improve your recovery speed even more.

Ice It

One of the finest pain relief strategies is the ice-cold compress method. Icing also prevents bruising and swelling that often occurs after extraction. Apply ice packs from the outside of the extraction site for about 15 minutes per day, especially in the first 48 hours.

Follow Your Dentist’s Prescriptions

Your dentist will recommend pain medications and antibiotics. Kindly take them as recommended. Taking more painkillers than recommended will not do anything to alleviate pain. Then, make sure you complete the dosage of antibiotics even you stop feeling pain after two days.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Even though you need to avoid disrupting the extraction site as much as possible, you should still brush your teeth as recommended. Failure to that will increase the risk of developing tooth decay. Sometimes rinse your mouth with warm saltwater or mouthwashes if you have some. Do this at least twice a day.


You can resume your daily routine a day or two after extraction. However, it is important to get plenty of rest during the recovery period. At least get eight hours of sleep every day. Getting enough sleep is vital after surgical extraction since it helps reduce strain on your blood vessels, reducing the risk of swelling.

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