Curette: The Tool for Every Dentist

Curette: The Tool for Every Dentist

Mar 04, 2019

Dental tools are great assets to dentists. One of the most used tools is the curette.

Curettes are used to scraping or removing debris. They’ve one blade with two cutting edges. Both edges might be used on the front and back of the tooth. Periodontal probes and explorers are used for detection of any problems. The probe is used for measuring the thickness of the enamel of a tooth.

The explorer is used to discover calculus (also known as the tar you get from having a cavity fester for too long). Scalers are used to remove dental residue from the tooth surface above the gumline.

There’s a lot of versatility and ease of use for all the crevices that are found in the teeth to allow this to be as easy as possible

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