Tongue cleaning has been practiced in the Eastern world for centuries. Studies suggest that cleaning your tongue on a regular basis can reduce undesirable mouth germs which may lead to halitosis, a tongue, plaque buildup, along with other dental health conditions.
Trusted Source says tongue scrapers are the most efficient tool to use. Besides, you might use toothbrushes and mouthwashes to clean your tongue.
Additionally to tongue cleaning, good health includes:
Brushing your tooth two times a day utilizing toothpaste with fluoride Flossing your tooth daily Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet Visiting your dentist at least every six months for professional cleanings and an examination.
Tongue scrapers are the Most Effective Both tongue scrapers and toothbrushes can remove germs on the tongue but most research has found that utilizing a tongue scraper is more efficient than utilizing a toothbrush.
A 2006 inspection examined two studies on tongue cleaning and halitosis and found that tongue scrapers and cleaners were more efficient than toothbrushes in lessening the volatile sulfur compounds which cause breath odors.
Here’s to clean your tongue using a tongue scraper:
Pick a tongue scraping instrument. This can be metal or plastic. It might be bent in half building a V form or have a grip with a rounded edge at the top. Stick out your tongue as far as you can. Place your tongue scraper toward the rear of your tongue. Press on the scraper on your tongue and then move it toward the front of your tongue when applying pressure. Run the tongue scraper under warm water to clear any debris and bacteria from the gadget.
Spit out any excess saliva that could have built up during the tongue scraping. Repeat steps 2 to 5 several more times. As necessary, adjust your tongue scraper placement along with the pressure you apply to it to prevent a gag reflex. Clean the tongue scraper and store it to the next usage. You can scrape your tongue once or two times .
If you gag through the procedure, you might want to scratch your tongue before eating breakfast to avoid vomiting.